Sunday, October 01, 2006

The First Writeup

Now most of you have probably stumbled apon this, because I have left my link in an email, you somehow found my link somewhere else, or hopefully googled homebrew and already have an interest in winemaking; therefore you are already intrigued by the idea. If that is the case it should be simple for me to hold your attention.

I started making wine about three months ago when I saw a program about the illegals of moonshiners, I found it very interesting and searched around and now I have my own little micro winery in my house. I am hoping to provide insight on winemaking to you fellow winemakers.

If you are seriously interested in winemaking, I suggest you buy a kit. It will include everything you will need to create your own brew. I went to my local antique store and found just what I was looking for rather than buying a kit.

The Basics

- 6 gallon carboy ( could be plastic or glass )
- 5 gallon carboy ( also plastic or glass )
- Airlock and Stopper
- Hydrometer
- Cleanser
- Auto-Siphon
- Bottling bucket

This is my basic setup- on the left is my 6 (6.5) gallon carboy beside that to the right is the 5 gallon carboy, on the top shelf with the black spigot coming out of the bucket is my bottling bucket. There are also 1 gallon glass carboys ( for experimental wine products ) and a jar of cleanser. Most of this stuff can be picked up at your local homebrew shop or any online sites.

There are tons of different things that you can buy to support your wine making.

The Spoils

To put it simply, you can be the talk of the party because you are the one supplying the best tasting wine everyone there has ever had. From left to right in the first picture I have Maple/Banana/Pineapple wine, Apple Cider, and Banana wine. By far I think the banana wine tastes the best. If I can get just one person interested in learning more about this process I will keep posting in depth and answer specific questions if needed. Happy Wine Making.


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thanks for posting started a batch of wine two days ago


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